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July 12, 2008

Saturday at the Chateau

It was perhaps the most beautiful Saturday of the summer. I was lucky to arrive early enough to relax for a moment and take in the beautiful surroundings.
I started the session by taking some photos of little Olivia. I brought along a little battery operated bubble blowing hippo (too bad it was blue, not purple), so I decided to try it out. Olivia was pretty frightened by the sound of the hippo, so she wanted nothing to do with the bubbles. Yet.
She was a little sleepy, so daddy decided to run around with her to wake her up. That brought a giant smile to her face… and some picture-perfect father-daughter moments.
Mommy discovered a peacock perched in the shade, so she carried Olivia a little closer for a better view. The colors were magnificent.
Daddy took a liking to the bubble hippo, and by the end of the session, I wasn’t sure if I would get it back! Olivia learned that the bubbles were there for her to “POP”, so she would take her little finger and say “POP” as she popped the bubbles on the ground. As she popped, I snapped away.
It was such a pleasure to photograph the Carlson family. Here are a few of my favorite images from the session. Enjoy!