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August 31, 2010

Out of focus

Today is the day. I am coming off of a very inspiring week & weekend and it has caused me to take a look at my approach to my photography business. I’ve come to realize that my photography has been out of focus. Not out of focus as in my pictures being blurry, but out of focus as in my approach to photography has been a little blurry.
To eventually be great at what I love the most, I must try to funnel my efforts & creativity into a small range of activities, instead of talking half steps to do each and every little idea that creeps into my brain. 2 weeks ago, I was on a mission to make some beautiful vintage floral headbands. I went out, bought 10 different types of fabric, and started rolling flowers. Between buying the fabric, cutting it, gluing it and rolling it, I must have spent over 10 hours of my time on these sad-looking “flowers”. It turns out that I needed longer pieces of fabric, so my flowers turned out looking pretty wimpy. 9 flowers and 10 hours later, I am sitting here with over 90 more flowers to go and I’m thinking, “Hmm… maybe I’m not cut out for this”.
A few months ago, I had to clean out my past as an “almost scrapbooker”. I cannot begin to tell you how much “stuff” I had accumulated, thinking I was eventually going to put every single image I’ve captured into an album I’d design with embellishments, quotes and love. That didn’t happen. So I was left with an overflowing plastic bin with 3 drawers (one of them was actually bowed because of the weight of “the stuff” I had inside).
I have countless stories like this: I’ve been an “almost – everything” at one time or another. A poet, a beauty blogger, a cardmaker… it lasts for about a week, then I’m onto something else. It’s like I have all of this untamed creativity bottled up inside me, and I MUST GET IT OUT.
Why am I not focusing that creativity on my photography? Even if they’re not paid sessions, why am I not begging and pleading with my family and friends to let me take their pictures? Today that will change. Whenever I am feeling the need to “go Martha” and get all crafty, I will need to take a step back and put my creativity back into photography.
Another thing is, I have to believe in myself, otherwise who else will? My family and friends have all heard about my fears, frustrations and mistakes that I’ve encountered while building my photography businesses. I thought I was unique in feeling the way I have felt about my photography itself, my future as a photographer, and as a photography business owner, however I’m learning that even the best have been where I am. Here I am, looking at their work thinking, I will never be that good. But at one point or another, they’ve been in my shoes. When I look back at the last 5 years, I can see that I’ve come a long way. And just because I still have a long way to go, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be proud of where I’m standing today.
I also need to blog – Ok, so I mentioned that I once attempted to be a beauty blogger. It is actually still on the web – – a sad, abandoned 13-entry blog that is just sitting on the web, waiting for it’s rightful owner to come back. It was aimed at teenage women, with the goal to help them feel good about themselves. I did start that 14th entry. However, I struggled to come up with a theme for 3 days straight, and finally forgot about it. My goal was for it to help just one teenage girl. Who knows, maybe I got lucky and changed someone’s life through one of those 13 entries. Maybe I would have written another thousand entries that would leave each reader unaffected. Who knows? Who knows? That’s the thing – I don’t know. I do know, however, that I would grow immensely, by writing about my experience with photography, whether it be about my struggles, successes, inspiration or fear. Photography is such a huge part of who I am, for better or for worse, and I need my family, my friends, and my past, present and future clients to understand that. And most of all, I need to understand that.

August 19, 2010

Mounted Print

I’m so excited to post these photos! One of my clients purchased a 20×30 horizontal metallic print mounted on 1-1/2″ thick lightweight gatorboard. I asked her to send me a few photos of it once she put it up – I just love how it turned out!


Here’s a few detail shots I took before I gave it to her. I just wish these images would show how beautiful the image looks on that metallic paper! 🙂