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September 27, 2010

alec + cami = engaged

I met Cami’s sister, Carina through a mutual friend about a year ago. Carina asked me to join her in photographing her twin sister’s engagement photos. Knowing how beautiful Carina is, I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph her equally beautiful sister and her handsome fiance.

The morning started out with dark, heavy clouds and even heavier rain. There was no way this session was going to happen. However, by the afternoon, the Seattle skies opened up and showed off some blue. Sometimes, I just love this unpredictable, crazy Seattle weather! It literally ended up being picture perfect. We roamed Ballard and Fremont, and Alec & Cami were such great sports throughout all of my super dorky attempts to make them giggle. (We all should be very thankful it didn’t take much to get them laughing)

It wasn’t until we had finished the session, when Cami pointed out a red garage door that she just “had” to have photos in front of. That’s when Alec put on his game face. With Cami’s encouragement, it was his turn to shine. No more snuggling in front of the picturesque waterfront, kisses on the forehead, or letting the adorable Cami amuse him from behind a giant whirly pop –  he put on a pair of retro sunglasses, crouched down and suddenly transformed into Mr. Sassy for my camera. It was, perhaps, the most glorious experience of the day. We all had a ton of laughs and I was so happy to have ended with those spontaneous shots. Such a fun day with a fabulously fun couple.

Keep an eye out for Carina Skrobecki – she’ll be making appearances as my 2nd shooter in some upcoming weddings – she’s awesome!


September 14, 2010

a girl and a boy

Okay, I have to come out and say it. I begged to photograph these children. I met their mom a few years ago, when I moved up to Washington. She’s a part of Ryan’s extended family called “his softball team”. Anyway, we were catching up during a tournament about a month ago, and she was showing me pictures of her kids on her phone and I just HAD to photograph them.

Look at those eyes, you’ll see why…


I had a lot of fun doing this session. Kristy told me that Lily is a really girly girl, and Ryder is just the opposite (although, we did catch him posing with a frilly lacy umbrella)… The airplanes, armymen, umbrella, butterflies, horse head on a stick, tutu, magic wand & tiara, trucks and and a barbie doll – we couldn’t go wrong!


September 5, 2010

Photoshoot at the Fair

I cannot tell you how much I love photographing this family. They’re my longest-standing clients! I’m lucky to have the opportunity to photograph them a few times a year, and I feel like each photo session with them gets better and better.